20 trips tickets

  1. 20 trips.
  2. Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
  3. Final price €119 (plus the mandatory €1 cost of the card, €120).
  4. Bilbao – Vitoria-Gasteiz and Vitoria-Gasteiz – Leioa UPV-EHU route.


  1. Valid only for working days Monday to Fridays.
  2. Valid only for travel between stops and/or towns indicated on the tickets: Bilbao – Vitoria-Gasteiz (A/3714) and Vitoria-Gasteiz – Leioa UPV-EHU (A/3717).
  3. Each ticket, at the time of purchase, shows the number of trips, the corresponding balance being reflected as trips are clocked-up.
  4. They can be transferred as they are not personalised.
  5. They can be used by several passengers travelling together with one same card, clocking up one trip per person.
  6. The card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. A reading of the ticket will be requested at points of sale to record the number of trips remaining and the date of expiry.
  7. In the event of using them at the station, the passenger will have to go through the ticket office so that they check off the trips requested and give you the corresponding tickets.
  8. In the case of using them at stops en route, they will be checked off in the machine on the bus.
  9. This season ticket does not give preference to any other type of passenger boarding the bus.
  10. You can get tickets in advance chargeable to these travel cards by requesting them at ticket offices.
  11. In the event of loss or theft, Autobuses La Union cannot accept liability for the journeys not used.
  12. Refunds can only be given, prior to the expiry date, for travel passes which have not been used. If a travel pass has been used, even for only one journey on the season ticket, Autobuses La Union cannot refund totally or partially the amount paid by the passenger.

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