Advice and recommendations

Recommendations to bear in mind

  • The ticket is your travel insurance, keep it throughout the trip, ready to show any company member of staff who may request it.
  • Please, always check the details of your ticket when receiving it at the ticket-office.
  • Remember that the seats for each time are limited. Be at the ticket office to buy your ticket half an hour beforehand, this is the limit recommended for adequate planning of ticket issuance.
  • To be absolutely sure of a seat, the company places at your disposal a system of early purchase at ticket offices, seven days a week, enabling passengers to acquire the ticket up to one month beforehand.
  • Passengers are advised to observe the sign positioned on the windscreen at the front of the bus, which indicates the bus route.

Recommendations and safety

Safety is our priority. Below are some important safety recommendations.

The Driver:
is a professional especially trained for this work. In the vehicle he/she is your “safety expert”. Follow his/her instructions.
Doors and access:
Locate where they are. Avoid all haste in getting on or off the bus.
Emergency hammers:
The window-break hammers are near the windows marked as “emergency exit”. Use them only if it is impossible to exit by the doors.
Emergency door opening:
The door-opening device is in full view, near the doors. It must only be used when the vehicle is stationary. By activating it, the doors are unlocked and open immediately.
First aid kit:
All buses are equipped with one. It is normally positioned at the front of the vehicle, indicated by a pictogram.
Seat belts:
If your seat is fitted with one, fasten it.
It is situated at the front of the vehicle, normally near the driver’s seat.