Buying Tickets

Generally there are different options:

  • At ticket offices in the bus stations of Termibus (Bilbo/Bilbao), Vitoria-Gasteiz and Pamplona/Iruña. See information on points of sale
  • At ticket vending machines situated in Termibus in Bilbao (3 machines) and the bus station of Vitoria-Gasteiz. See how to buy a ticket from a vending machine
  • On the webpage
  • On the bus itself generally at stops where there is no ticket office or vending machine. In case of doubt consult the driving staff.

Via the web page, clicking on the button “buy ticket” you access the “autobusing” platform. Follow the steps that are indicated and make sure you receive confirmation of purchase, sent to you by SMS or by email depending on the option you have chosen. (Visualise the “buy ticket” button)

If you do not receive confirmation of purchase, contact the company on the following telephone numbers 94 427 11 11 / 945 26 46 26 or 948 22 17 66

No commissions are applied to passengers for buying a ticket

Contact MOVELIA on 902 64 64 28 or call the telephone numbers of customer service of Autobuses la Union (see points of sale link) to verify the details of the ticket acquired.

When you get on the bus you must show the driver one of the following records:

  • Using the localiser number (the one sent by Movelia and not the one from the Bank) and National Id. card
  • Using the SMS received in your cellphone with the details of the journey (sent by Movelia) and National Id. card.
  • Presenting the previously printed online ticket and National Id. card

You can request the printout of the ticket at the ticket office.

Choose the details of your ticket, following the steps indicated in the machine.

Bear in mind:

  1. Immediate departures will appear on the first screenshots. If your departure does not appear on the screen, use the button “choose other dates and destinations”
  2. For cash payment use the corresponding slot for coins and notes.
  3. For payment by Card use the TPV slot and insert your passcode.
  4. To pay using a Season ticket (Bidaise, 20 trips or Burunbono/Unionbono) use the season ticket slot.
  5. Wait for the printout and collect all the tickets bought.
  6. 10- and 5-euro banknotes will be admitted for purchases under €10. For purchases between 10 and 20 euros use 5-, 10- and 20-euro banknotes. 50-euro notes will only be admitted for purchases over €20.

Via the webpage of and the link buying tickets.

It is not necessary but it is advisable that you buy your ticket beforehand, because in this way you are securing a seat. Buying your ticket at the last minute can lead to problems of seat availability and the possibility of not being able to travel when you wish.

  • Cancellations and (changes) of tickets bought at ticket offices must be made at the same ticket office up to two hours before the departure time, free of charge. See ticket office business hours.
  • Cancellations of tickets bought by Internet must be done via the same method.

Changes or cancellations cannot be done on the telephone.


There are different types of season tickets, with different discounts. Consult the section on regular routes where the type of season ticket or discount available on each route is indicated.

Bidaide Season Ticket

If you are going to travel daily between Bilbo/Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz or between Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbo/Bilbao, or the left or right embankments, or Leioa/UPV and Vitoria-Gasteiz and you decide to buy a bidaide season ticket we advise you to follow these steps:

  • Choose the type of season ticket among monthly-quarterly-annual. Each one covers you for a period at a set price. See bidaide season ticket rates
  • Choose the line/route – you can do so between Bilbao, Gallarta, Algorta, Leioa/UPV and Vitoria-Gasteiz, in both directions. You also have the option of MULTILINE which allows you to travel combining times of the different bus routes.
  • Fill out the APPLICATION FORM (bidaide season ticket application form) attaching the documentation requested therein. You must present this application either by email at the address or in person at ticket offices. Your season ticket will be available no later than 96 hours.
  • If you wish to have your season ticket available the first day of the month remember it is best to request it on 25th of the previous month.

If I am already a user and I want to continue travelling under the same conditions?

  • On the webpage,, option “renew bidaide”
  • At the ticket office, with justification of the bank transfer or payment by bank card.
  • In vending machines, with a bank card

Bearing in mind that if you wish to buy an annual ticket pass the process can only be done at a ticket office.


Changes may be:

. to do with periodicity: monthly, quarterly or annual
. about route, Bilbao, Gallarta, Algorta, Leioa/UPV or Multi-route.
.about age which may mean a change from green to red
. about application or extension of large family discount

Two circumstances may arise:

  1. If you physically possess the type of season ticket to which you want to change because you have used it on other occasions, you can do so directly with this season ticket in the option RENEW BIDAIDE SEASON TICKET.
  2. If it is the first time you are going to use this new type of season ticket

Fill in the application to change the Bidaide season ticket (link bidaide season ticket change application form), and present it at the ticket office, or send by email to,. Attach the corresponding justification of payment with the application. Once the documentation has been presented the new season ticket can be collected at the ticket office indicated no later than 96 hours after your application. Bidaide season ticket change request form

TICKETS Yes. You must do so before the 25th of the month prior to the commencement of the validity. Consult the point “how can I change my bidaide season ticket”.

Provided you have not bought a travel ticket in advance you must cancel the season ticket directly on the bus if there is no ticket office or vending machine. In Termibus and in the bus station of Vitoria-Gasteiz go through the ticket office or via the vending machine to get a ticket. At bus-stops in Vitoria-Gasteiz (university and Court House) and bus service stops on the Left Embankment, Right Embankment, Leioa/UPV, Deusto and Sarriko you can swipe your season ticket on the bus.

No, only in the event of having secured a ticket in advance for the day and time you want to travel. The Bidaide season ticket is cheaper than a standard ticket but does not guarantee a seat directly, for this you have to have a ticket. For more information ask at ticket offices or in the section FAQ.

Yes, you can. The company recommends you do so. In this way your seat is reserved for the time you want to travel (maximum 7 days). You can get tickets from the vending machines situated in the stations and at ticket offices. This option is highly recommended by the company, as seats are limited and getting your ticket in advance guarantees your seat at the desired time.

If you no longer travel once the validity period of the season ticket has terminated there is no need to notify us. If you cease to travel during the validity period, you must notify the company which will indicate whether you are due a refund. See bidaide season ticket regulations (link bidaide season ticket regulations)

No, this is not necessary as you may be able to use it in the future.

The price of the red season ticket starts to apply on the day of your 31st birthday. The green season ticket will apply until that day.

You must submit a photocopy of your renewed large family card at the ticket office together with the season ticket, at the time of handing these over you must show the original to check that the photocopy is exact. Your updated season ticket will be ready within 96 hours.

bidaide season ticket change form

Notify the company as soon as possible by email at or at any point of sale bidaide season ticket change-request form.

Lost property

You can phone us on 94 427 22 22, 945 26 46 26, 948 22 17 66 and you can also contact us by email on where you can specify the route and the time when you were travelling.

Bus stops

Ask the bus conductor if there is a backup bus or call the ticket office on 945 26 46 26. We recommend, however, that you get your ticket in advance so you can board the bus at stops, and this way your place is reserved.

To consult the location of the bus stop, at step one in the ticket-buying process you should choose the desired time or the time you are travelling. For each time you will find a link that indicates see itinerary. On clicking the link a map will appear where you can consult the exact location of the bus-stop. If you zoom in you can see in detail the address and location. If you still have any queries, you can contact us via Twitter or Facebook.

Relevant information for passengers

For cancellation of outbound services for meteorological reasons, we follow the instructions of the relevant authorities. In these cases, circumstances can vary constantly. However, we will attempt to keep you informed on our webpage, or via the information and sales telephone service 94 427 11 11 or 945 26 46 26 or on social networks.

The ticket in itself serves as an invoice as it reflects all the necessary details and the VAT applied. However, if you need an invoice, you can opt to request this by email at and attach the tickets, and/or at ticket offices handing over the tickets.

Any claim or complaint you wish to make can be done in the section of our webpage, using the Complaint form or in the book of complaints of the buses or ticket offices.

  1. The ticket is your travel insurance, keep it throughout the trip, ready to show any company employee who may request it.
  2. Please, always check the details of your ticket when you receive it at the ticket office.
  3. Remember that the seats are limited. Be at the ticket office to buy your ticket half an hour before departure; this is the limit recommended for adequate planning of ticket issuance.
  4. To be absolutely sure of a seat, the company makes available a system of early purchase at ticket offices, vending machines and Internet seven days a week, enabling passengers to acquire the ticket up to one month beforehand.
  5. Passengers are advised to observe the sign positioned on the windscreen at the front of the bus, which indicates the bus route.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to smoke on the bus (Art. 6 R.D. 1293/1999), as well as eat or any action which might deteriorate or soil the vehicles.
  7. To undertake, without due cause, any act susceptible to distracting the attention of the driver or interfering with his/her work when the vehicle is in motion.
  8. Any behaviour which might endanger the physical integrity of the other users or which may be considered disruptive or offensive to them or the staff of the transport company or the staff who provide services in the bus station.
  9. To ignore instructions given by the staff of the holding company or authority in relation to the correct provision of the service and security conditions which must be observed throughout, as well as the indications given in posters positioned clearly in view inside vehicles or in bus stations.

Below are some important safety recommendations.

The Driver:

is a professional especially trained for this work. In the vehicle he/she is your “safety expert”. Follow his/her instructions.

Doors and access:

Locate where they are. Avoid all haste in getting on or off the bus.

Emergency hammers:

The window-break hammers are near the windows marked as “emergency exit”. Use them only if it is impossible to exit by the doors.

Emergency door opening:

The door-opening device is in full view, near the doors. It must only be used when the vehicle is stationary. By activating it, the doors are unlocked and open immediately.

First aid kit:

All buses are equipped with one. It is normally positioned at the front of the vehicle, indicated by a pictogram.

Seat belts:

If your seat is fitted with one, fasten it.


It is situated at the front of the vehicle, normally near the driver’s seat.

Arrival at destination:

Do not get up from your seat until the bus has come to a complete stop.

Luggage and pets

Luggage must be correctly placed in the overhead space without protruding. Never in the aisle or between your legs, or on the seat beside you. If these conditions are not fulfilled, then luggage must be stored in the baggage compartment.

If you want to take bicycles, surf-boards, skiis etc. on the bus you must check them in at the time of purchasing your ticket, so you will have to pay the corresponding price. The possibility of transporting these kinds of objects will be subject to the availability of space in the baggage compartment of the vehicle and, in any case, the maximum number of units that can be transported per vehicle will be three, and not more than one per passenger. You must correctly wrap special luggage (bicycles, surf-boards, skiis, musical instruments, etc.) to avoid damage or soiling the baggage of other passengers, and to protect your own. In the case of bicycles, apart from wrapping them, the front wheel must be disassembled. In the event of transporting these types of objects, you must be at the loading point at least ten minutes before the estimated departure time. If when arriving at the loading point it is confirmed there is no space for these objects in the baggage compartment, the company will adopt the necessary means to transport them in the next bus service where space is available, without the right to any compensation for this kind of change.

On the rute, from Bilbao to Vitoria-Gasteiz folding bikes and electric scooters must be placed in the hold of the coach and be correctly packaged by the passenger. The passenger does not pay an additional fee.

On the rute from Bilbao to Pamplona, all bicycles (including folding bikes) and scooters will be charged a fee of €10 and must be stored in the hold of the coach, duly packaged, by the passenger

The purchase of a ticket gives you the right to freely transport case, rucksack or travel bag provided the dimensions are less than one cubic metre and do not exceed 30 kg overall, excluding special baggage which you must check in separately paying the corresponding price.

Instruments will be safe in the baggage compartment of the bus if they are protected and safeguarded in an appropriate crate together with the rest of the baggage. You decide the most appropriate packaging.

With regard to pets the general conditions of the service indicate:

  1. Animals are not permitted in the passenger compartment except for guide-dogs.
  2. Pets must always travel in the same bus as their owner.
  3. Only one pet per ticket/trip is allowed.
  4. Your pet must travel in the baggage compartment of the vehicle and inside a duly approved cage or a pet carrier, provided by the passenger, and adapted for this use. It is totally prohibited to transport pets outside their cage or carrier.
  5. Animals will be transported under the responsibility of their owner. [Download Pet Travel Authorisation]

If you would like more information about requirements consult the General Conditions of the transport service.


Children under 8 must always travel accompanied by an adult. Children under 8 unaccompanied by an adult will not be allowed on any bus. Unaccompanied children aged 8 to 16 will be allowed in regular transport services with the AUTHORISATION of the parents or legal guardians. Over 16-year-old minors may travel on our buses unaccompanied and without authorisation. When boarding the bus, the minor must show the ticket together with the authorisation document signed by his/her parents or guardians and stamped by the company. Without this document minors aged between 8 and 15 who wish to travel alone in our buses will not be able to do so.

  • Line Bilbao and Margenes> Vitoria-Gasteiz and Line Bilbao-Pamplona: Children under 4 years of age may travel free of charge, together with an adult with a valid transport certificate, must be able to prove their age with official document. They have to take a zero ticket to travel on the bus. You can request it at the box office or if it is closed directly to the driver of the time you are going to travel. Self-selling machines don’t give it to you.
  • Lines Valle de Ayala, Vitoria-Gasteiz to Durango and Miranda: Children under 6 can travel free of charge, together with an adult with a valid transport certificate, they must be able to prove their age with official document. They have to take a zero ticket to travel on the bus. You can apply directly to the driver of the time you are travelling.
  • Line Vitoria-Gasteiz Airport line: Children under 2 can travel free of charge, together with an adult with a valid transport certificate, they must be able to prove their age with official document. They have to take a zero ticket to travel on the bus. You can request it at the box office or if it is closed directly to the driver of the time you are going to travel. Self-selling machines don’t give it to you.

Large family discounts

Passengers who verify the status of belonging to a large family have the right to the corresponding discount on purchasing their ticket: 20% in the case of large families in the general category and 50% in the special category. Communication channels where you can request a ticket with the discount for a large family are:

The points of sale of ALU and BURUNDESA presenting the relevant documentation (updated Large Family Card granted by the official organism {valid date} together with National Id. Card or passport).

Ticket vending machines. It is essential on boarding the bus to show the bus driver the supporting documentation which confers the right to the discount.

On board the bus. When getting on the bus it is essential to show the bus driver the supporting documentation which confers the right to the discount and your National Id. Card.

We would remind you that if you purchase a discounted ticket for a large family you must present the supporting documentation at the time of purchase for each beneficiary to whom the discount applies and carry it with you on the journey: National Id. Card or passport of each of the beneficiaries of said card. If they are minors and do not have a National Id. Card or passport, an original or certified copy if the Family Book must be presented.

Important: For the use of these types of tickets, it is essential that the passenger is in possession of valid documentation that certifies they are the beneficiary of said discount. Failure to meet this requirement means the driver has the obligation to impede the use of the ticket and under no circumstance will payment of the economic difference be accepted. Purchase of another complete ticket will be necessary if you wish to travel.