Diagram of bus-stops

Valid Monday to Fridays and weekends/bank holidays

Route A/3711 Bilbao>Otxandio>Vitoria-Gasteiz
Origin BILBO/BILBAO Termibus (Bus Station)
GALDAKAO-N-634, Km 102
LEMOA-Bizkaibus bus stop 4466, Intzuntza
IGORRE-Sabino Arana avenue no. 10
DIMA-BI-243 Km 25.500
Cutting -Trinchera–BI-2543 KM 29
Alto de OTXANDIO Gaina-BI 2543, km 40
OTXANDIO -Ospitalea street no. 1
LEGUTIO/Villarreal -N-240 km 16
URBINA-town bus-stop Road A-4016
MIÑANO-Rotonda carretera A-4028
VITORIA-GASTEIZ-Bus Station (Euskaltzaindia square)


Route A/3711 Vitoria-Gasteiz>Otxandio>Bilbao
Origin VITORIA-GASTEIZ Bus Station
MIÑAO/MIÑANO – A-4028 roundabout
URBINA-town bus-stop Road A-4016
LEGUTIO- Karmen street no. 1
OTXANDIO -Ospitalea street in front of no. 1
Alto de OTXANDIO Gaina-BI 2543 km 40
Cutting -Trinchera–BI-2543 KM 29
DIMA-BI-243 Km 25.500
IGORRE-Agirre Lehendakaria street, 33
LEMOA-Bizkaibus bus stop 4466-Intzuntza
GALDAKAO-N-634 Km 100
BILBO/BILBAO Termibus (Bus Station)

* The times that buses arrive at the stops are approximate so the bus company recommends you to be at the stop some minutes before the time indicated.

Timetables and fares

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Buy in advance

If you know the day, time and route, you can guarantee a seat by buying in advance. For an occasional ticket, you can buy it at ticket offices, at vending machines or on the Internet. Using a 20-trip or bidaide season ticket you can swipe your card at ticket offices or at vending machines. Buying or swiping your ticket at the last minute, especially at certain times, can lead to problems of seat availability and the possibility of not being able to travel when you want.

Season Tickets

The following season tickets are available with significant discounts:

Channels and forms of payment

  • On the bus. If you get on at bus-stops that are not bus stations, you can buy your ticket from the driver or swipe the season ticket on the machine in the bus. Only cash payment is accepted on the bus, which must be made with banknotes under €20.
  • Via the webpage. www.autobuseslaunion.com. In the section FAQs we inform you of the steps to be taken and the fees payable. Payment can only be made by credit card.
  • In ticket-offices of the Termibus station in BILBAO, the bus station in VITORIA-GASTEIZ and the ticket office of Burundesa in PAMPLONA bus station. Payment is accepted in cash and by credit card. See timetables and location of points of sale.
  • In Ticket Vending machines situated in Termibus and Vitoria-Gasteiz bus station. Payment is accepted in cash and by credit card. You can also use the bidaide and 20-trip season tickets. See details in frequently asked questions on how to buy a ticket at a vending machine.