General Conditions


The responsibility of the carrier rests with the company that effectively carries out the service. The transport company shall not be liable for any breach that is not directly attributable to it, nor for those occurring due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure, or for attending to legal or administrative requirements. Likewise, it shall not be liable for the loss of connection of its services with other transport companies, whether propietary or external.


The passenger has the right to transport freely up to 30 kg. of luggage. Excess weight must be paid for in accordance with the quantity corresponding to the rate. In the event of checked-in luggage the company will hand over the corresponding receipt.

In the event of loss or damage to the luggage transported, it is essential to present a claim immediately on arrival, showing the ticket and as the case may be, the checked luggage receipt.

The liability of the carrier will be limited to a maximum of €14.50 per kg (Art. 3 R.D. 1136/1997). The carrier will not be liable for damages, loss or breakages to hand luggage or other objects not deposited in their custody.

Luggage will be transported in the luggage compartment of the bus, while small-sized objects may be carried by hand, provided they do not disturb or represent a hazard for other passengers and are duly stored in the overhead shelves, never in the aisles or between the legs.


Bicycles must be checked in so they can be put on the bus.

Checking in bicycles is done at the ticket office.

First, the passenger luggage will be stowed in the luggage compartment of the bus, and then the bicycles.

If there should be no space in the luggage compartment of the bus, the bicycle will go in the first available bus.

The wheels of the bicycle must be dismounted and the frame duly packaged.

Cancellation of tickets

In the event of cancellation, the passenger will be reimbursed with the fare, less 10% if cancellation is requested giving at least 48 hours notice prior to departure and 20% if requested between 48 and 2 hours prior to the bus departure time.

Cancellation within 2 hours immediately prior to departure time will not take effect, nor consequently, will there be any refund.

A passenger who does not show up at the place and time of departure will lose the trip and will not be entitled to a ticket change or any refund.

Ticket change

Change on the day of the journey will only be possible if requested at least 2 hours before departure time and will be conditioned by the availability of seats on the new date requested.

Back-up services

The Company reserves the possibility of carrying out the service using vehicles of collaborating companies when circumstances so require, and in particular, to cope with intense traffic.


All passengers are considered as such and must obtain a ticket to travel on the bus. On routes of La Union and La Burundesa, when an adult travels with a child under 4, they must request a ticket for the child which will be issued at no cost.

Children under 8 must always travel accompanied by an adult. Children under 8 unaccompanied by an adult will not be allowed on any bus.

Unaccompanied children aged 8 to 16 will be allowed in regular transport services with the AUTHORISATION of the parents or legal guardians. Over 16-year-old minors may travel on our buses unaccompanied and without authorisation.

The Authorisation Document can be downloaded from our section in the webpage, in the section (passenger information), (general conditions) (minors) or requested at any point of sale. It must be filled in and signed in duplicate, by the parents or guardians. Before travelling, at the time of buying the ticket, both copies should be submitted to the point of sale to be stamped. These documents are not valid without the corresponding stamp of the company.

When boarding the bus, the minor must show the ticket together with the authorisation document signed by his/her parents or guardians and stamped by the company. Without this document minors aged between 8 and 15 who wish to travel alone in our buses will not be able to do so.


The law prohibits the transport of any animal inside the vehicle with the exception of assistance dogs. For all other passengers who wish to travel with a pet (dog or cat) there is no specially adapted place for this purpose leaving only the hold where passenger luggage is stowed. In this case, the animal, who must travel with the rest of the luggage, must be placed in a suitably adapted travel box provided by the passenger, without the Company assuming any liability in the event of damage to the animal on the journey.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke on the bus (Art. 6 R.D. 1293/1999), as well as eat or any action which might deteriorate or soil the vehicles.

To undertake, without due cause, any act susceptible to distracting the attention of the driver or interfering with his/her work when the vehicle is in motion.

Any behaviour which might endanger the physical integrity of the other users or which may be considered disruptive or offensive to them or the staff of the transport company or the staff who provide services in the bus station.

To ignore instructions given by the staff of the holding company or authority in relation to the correct provision of the service and security conditions which must be observed throughout, as well as the indications given in posters positioned clearly in view inside vehicles or in bus stations.

Complaints Book

A Complaints Book is available for pasengers in the ticket offices of the company.

Universal Accessibility

Technical elements:: buses and coaches must be fitted with the necessary technical elements to facilitate, on all journeys, access to the service by persons with restricted mobility for which PRM ramps will be available as well as the first four seats which will be differentiated from the rest as preferential for other persons with reduced mobility, whether temporary or permanent.

For purposes of the use of reserved seats and spaces inside the buses and coaches PRM will be considered to be the following persons:

  • Persons who travel in wheelchairs.
  • Persons with difficulties of a sensory-type (sight, hearing, speech), intellectual or having significant difficulties to use a conventional transport service.
  • Persons for anthropometric factors (obese, extremely tall or small) or other illness.
  • Pregnant women or persons travelling with children under 5.
  • Persons with immobilised or plastered limbs or using crutches.

1. Access of passengers with reduced mobility-PRM

  • Access of PRM must be undertaken in conditions of safety and comfort, with the support of the driving staff.
  • They may board and alight from the bus using the doors provided for this purpose, once the kneeling system and the lifting ramp or platform has been activated (for necessary cases), placing themselves in the space provided for this.
  • At the origin or destination Bus Station access to the bus is gained via the special bay equipped for the deployment of the ramp.
  • Seats reserved for PRM may be occupied by remaining passengers when the passengers who use wheelchairs or are disabled do not require them. If these seats should be occupied by persons who do not give up their seat, the driving staff may demand the use of these seat by the persons for whom they were designed.

2. Access of passengers with reduced mobility-PRM

  • For the purchase of an occasional passenger ticket, in order that the company may organise the service, passengers using wheelchairs must notify the operating company at least 24 hours beforehand.
  • In the event that the passenger using a wheelchair should require a reserved space and had not made the reservation, the company will confirm the possibility of travelling at the time reserved or will refer the passenger to the next bus service.
  • Passengers with a disability will have the same fares and may enjoy the same discount bonuses as all other passengers.
  • Passengers with a disability will have the same services/times as all other passengers of the regular route.
  • Should the passenger with a disability require a person to accompany them, to provide the necessary assistance to guarantee their safety and comfort, this person may travel free and if possible will be seated alongside.
  • If the passenger requires help to buy the ticket or board the coach, they may request this from the customer service on the following numbers: 94 427 11 11 or 945 26 46 26 who will arrange the support staff, at the time and place required.