Diagram of bus-stops

Valid Monday to Fridays and weekends/bank holidays

Route 16 Artziniega >Amurrio > Laudio/Llodio
Origen ARTZINIEGA-Plaza Garai 3
LLANTENO-Casa Mortzobe
MENAGARAI-Barrio Mendieta, 10
IBAGUEN, Cruce de Zuaza
RESPALDIZA, frente bar Toboso
IZORIA- Cruce Olmos
AMURRIO-Marquesina frente a gasolinera
AMURRIO-Rotonda Iglesia
AMURRIO-Calle Landaburu 42 – San josé
LAUDIO/LLODIO-Cruz Roja (Zumalakarregi nº62)
LAUDIO/LLODIO-Zumalakarregi 27
LAUDIO/LLODIO-Barrio Ugarte, restaurante Utxine
OKONDO (Paradas: Pastor, Ventilla, Zubidiarte 19, Batzoki, Parque, Villachica-Bar Txaparro)


Route 16 Okondo>Laudio/Llodio>Amurrio> Artziniega
Origen OKONDO (Paradas: Pastor, Ventilla, Zubidiarte, Batzoki, Parque, Villachica-Bar Txaparro)
LAUDIO/LLODIO -Ugarte-Farmacia
LAUDIO/LLODIO – Zumalacarregui nº27-Instituto
LAUDIO/LLODIO – Cruz Roja-Zumalacárregui 62
AMURRIO, calle Landaburu 42-San Jose
AMURRIO -Rotonda de la Iglesia
IZORIA – cruce Olmos
MURGA (poligono)
IBAGUEN, Ikastola Etxaurren
MENAGARAY, marquesina
LLANTENO, pasando cruce
ARTZINIAGA – gasolinera
ARTZINIAGA, Plaza Garai 3

This route has its own regulations. “ regulation of scheduled transport services of passengers on main roads property of the Autonomous Regional Government of Alava”



Routes Company Timetables
L16 – Artziniega – Okondo La Unión, S.A PDF

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Transport passes and forms of payment

  • Valid transport passes are the Bat Card and the occasional ticket. The Bat card can be bought at the offices of Euskotren in Calle Sancho el Sabio or topped-up in Euskotren machines. There is one in the bus station of Vitoria/Gasteiz.
  • The occasional ticket can be bought on the bus itself. Payment in cash. Amounts above 20 euros are not admitted.
  • Children under five travel free of charge. They must have a ticket (which the driver will issue showing zero fare). Likewise, persons accompanying passengers with visual disability or reduced mobility who require personal assistance travel free. Transporting minors See article 10 of the Regulations
  • Accesibility: the operating company will be obliged to comply with regulations on accessibility on public transport. See article 7 of the Regulations
  • A refund of the fare will only be given when the service has been suspended before the actual start. See article 9 of the Regulations.
  • Transporting groups. Groups of ten or more persons who wish to travel on regular bus routes where there is no advance sale of tickets must notify the company providing the service at least one week beforehand. See article 11 of the Regulations.
  • Packages and baggage. See article 12 of the Regulations.
  • Transport of pushchairs and prams. Pushchairs and prams must go in the baggage compartment. No charge will be demanded of passengers for transporting pushchairs or prams. See article 13 of the Regulations.
  • Transporting bicycles. Upon notification to the successful carrier company made the day before the date you wish to travel and the conditions of the vehicle, it will be permitted for the corresponding trajectory. Bicycles can only be transported in the baggage compartment. Only one bicycle will be permitted per passenger. This transport is free. See article 14 of the Regulations.
  • Animals on the bus. Only guide dogs and assistance dogs that have authorisation for these functions from approved centres will be allowed on the bus. For other animals consult article 15 of the Regulations