Summer Times 2024-New Service from Urduliz

Published on the website the new summer schedules 2024 valid for travel from 1 July to 31 August 2024, of the lines Bilbao and VitoriaGasteiz by highway, Margen Izquierda , Margen Derecha Leioa/EHU/UPV and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

NEW service from URDULIZ (with stop in Sopela-Berango and Leioa) and destination Vitoria-Gasteiz. For this new line in a few days will be available the sale of tickets and the possibility to travel with the Bidaide Bonds and 60 trips of the Algorta line (A 3719).

You can expand the information on the phones 94 427 11 11 or 945 264626 (Monday to Sunday) at the lockers of Intermodal Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz Station or contact the company through


Next Friday, May 10, the first stage of the Itzulia Women 2024 leaves Vitoria-Gasteiz. Follow the same route as this year’s Tour 2023 or Male Itzulia
At 9:31 they leave the parking lot of Mendizabala and by Portal de Lasarte and Elvira Zulueta go to the White Virgin. Circulation will be closed 15 minutes earlier.
The following conditions are envisaged:
• •South Vitoria: possible delays due to the departure of the race on the Vitoria-Bilbao line, between 9:15 and 9:40.
• Líne 18 Vitoria-Durango:
o oExpedition 10:00 Vitoria-Durango
 BusStops from Vitoria (Alas/Boulevard), Vitoria (Portal de Gamarra) and
Legutio are eliminated. And
 The bus goes straihg from de bus station to Otxandio, through Otxandio along N622, Gopegi-Ubidea and Zubizabal Port. From Otxandio the bus will go to Durango, though de ordinary locations el autobús saldrá directamente de la Estación hacia Otxandio por la N622 por Gopegi-Ubidea y Puerto de Zubizabal. From Otxandio the bus will do the regular itineray to Durango
For further information call to 945 26 46 26 or 94 427 11 11

Maratón Martin Fiz in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Sunday, May 5, 2024

On the occasion of the celebration of the Martin Fiz Marathon in Vitoria-Gasteiz, on 5 May between 8am and 14pm, all Alavabus lines will make a single stop at the Bus Station, between 8:00 a.m. and 14:00 a.m. It will affect all lines of Alavabus, including those of the company:

L 15 Laudio-Llodio>Amurrio>Vitoria-Gasteiz
First consignments (arrival 7.34, departure 7.50) will normally be accesible. The following expeditions (arrivals 10.14, 10.55) must be carried out by A-1 and Astegieta.
The departure of 11.05 will be possible in Latin America.

L-18- Vitoria-Gasteiz>Durango
The first issue (exit 7.30) may normally leave.
The following two (arrival 9.40, departure 10.00) must be done by A-1 and Astegieta

L-19- Vitoria-Gasteiz>Miranda
Both the entrance and exit: Highway A-I – Astegieta -Avenida Los Huetos – Boulevar Euskal Herria – Estación.
Gasteiz Avenue will be occupied all morning.

Connections to LOIU AIRPORT from TERMIBUS-BILBAO, from Pamplona and Vitoria-Gasteiz

All the buses from Pamplona to Bilbao and from Vitoria-Gasteiz to Bilbao stop at TERMIBUS-BILBAO from where you can connect to LOIU AIRPORT bus service run by the company BIZKAIBUS (ROUTE 3247) from platform no. 12 in the station.Further information at

The price of a One-way Ticket for those who do not use the contactless BARIK card is €3. It is possible to pay for the ticket by bank card at the Bizkaibus ticket kiosk at the airport.

DEPARTURES from TERMIBUS destination Loiu Airport every 15 minutes from 05.15 to 22.00 hours.Service is daily

DEPARTURES LOIU AIRPORT destination TERMIBUS-BILBAO every 15 minutes from 06.15 to 24.00 hours.Service is daily