Unionbono or burunbono

Both season tickets are the same. It is the best travel mode for passengers who want the convenience of accumulating trips in one travel pass, at a more economical price per trip than paying the occasional fare. You can choose between season tickets of 10 or 20 trips

  1. You can acquire two types:
    1. 10-trip ticket, with 12% discount
    2. 20-trip ticket, with 22% discount
  2. Season tickets expire after one year.
  3. They are valid only for the route Bilbo/Bilbao to Pamplona/Iruña or Bilbo/Bilbao to Altsasu and the return journey.
  4. They are personalised, so can only be used by the owner of the ticket. They are not transferable.
  5. Being in possession of the season ticket does not give preferential right with regard to the ticket. Guarantee of a seat is secured by purchasing in advance at ticket offices and vending machines which are open seven days a week. Points of sale business hours.
  6. If you use the service starting at Bilbo-Bilbao Bus Station or Pamplona-Iruña Bus Station, you must go through the ticket office or swipe the season ticket at one of the vending machines available for ticket reservations and then you can get on the bus.
  7. At the Altsasu stop on the route Altsasu-Bilbao and if you did not get your ticket in advance you must swipe the season ticket on the machine in the bus to pay for the trip provided there are seats available.
  8. You can get tickets in advance corresponding to these documents by requesting them at our ticket offices or at the vending machines.
  9. To request the season ticket you can send the documentation  (burunbono or unionbono application form) by email to the address bonos@autobuseslaunion.com. You can also go in person to the ticket offices in Bilbo-Bilbao and Pamplona-Iruña. The company undertakes within 96 hours to prepare your season ticket.
  10. Season ticket changes, either for the number of trips from 10 to 20 or vice versa or changes to the route, must be completed in the burunbono/unionbono change-request form by email at the address bonos@autobuseslaunion.com. You can also go in person to the ticket offices in Bilbo/Bilbao and Pamplona/Iruña. The company undertakes to prepare your season ticket within 96 hours.
  11. In the event of loss or theft, the passenger must notify the company as soon as possible of the loss and also complete the burunbono/unionbono change request form requesting a duplicate season ticket credited with the trips still pending on the day of submitting the application.
  12. In the event of the passenger requesting cancellation of the season ticket and the refund of trips not used, the discounts applied will be deducted from the amount to be returned. To request cancellation of the season ticket you must complete the burunbono/unionbono change-request form.