General conditions

Discounts for groups on the Pamplona/Iruña – Bilbao/Bilbo – Pamplona/Iruña route

If you travel from Pamplona/Iruña to Bilbao/Bilbo or vice versa in a group, you can benefit from discounts as from 3 July 2018. With the Kuadri-5 and Kuadri-10 fares you can get up to 20% off.

  • The Kuadri-5 rate is applied to groups of 5 to 9 people and a 10% discount is applied to each ticket.
  • The Kuadri-10 rate is applied to groups of 10 or more people and a discount of 20% is applied to each tieket.

Offers are valid only for advance ticket sale at the ticket office (Bilbao/Bilbo, Pamplona/Iruña, Vitoria/Gasteiz) no less than 24 hours prior to departure time. Use of these fares is not compatible with other existing discounts (such as large families, etc.). All tickets must be for the same trip, both one-way and return.

Changes or cancellations can be made from the total number of tickets (never from individual tickets) giving no less than 24 hours notice and upon presentation of all tickets.