Foronda Airport Connection

Did you know that Ryanair airlines have started to operate commercial flights from Vitoria/Gasteiz Airport? At present you can fly from this airport to Tenerife, Cologne, Milan and Seville.

We offer the shuttle service from Vitoria/Gasteiz bus station to Vitoria/Gasteiz Airport and back. This way you can take advantage of the excellent Ryanair fares in various ways, combining their flights with our bus routes. Whether you are from Bilbao/Bilbo, Vitoria/Gasteiz or Pamplona/Iruña, you can use our buses to get to the terminal, and from there fly to wherever you want.

If you are from Bilbao/Bilbo or Pamplona/Iruña simply get one of our buses to Vitoria/Gasteiz and from there you get the airport shuttle. This way you can travel comfortably and economically and what’s more, worry-free.

Bilbao-Milan return from €73

Imagine, for example, you want to go from Bilbao/Bilbo to Milan from 5 to 12 July. It could work out at €73 taking into account bus fares and flight. Do you fancy landing in Milan and from there visit Tuscany? (Prices may vary depending on the dates you choose and the exact moment when you buy the tickets).

Outlined below are more details of our shuttle services to Vitoria/Gasteiz Airport.

Our bus company provides the service that connects Vitoria/Gasteiz Airport to Vitoria/Gasteiz Bus Station and the centre of the city. The bus fare is €3 per person per trip.


The bus leaves from the door of the arrivals terminal half an hour after the flight arrives and, once passengers have collected their luggage, it stops about 15-20 minutes later at Boulevard de Euskal Herria, at the city-bus stop to the side of the main entrance to the Bus Station. Then it goes to the city centre, to Calle Cadena y Eleta, at the side of the New Cathedral.


Going in the reverse direction the bus uses the same bus stops. It sets off from Calle Cadena y Eleta two hours before the flight, stopping approximately 10 minutes later in Boulevard de Euskal Herria, and then heads to the airport where it arrives about one and a half hours before the flight departs.

Most definitely after reading this information you will get an idea of how much you can save by travelling this way. So if you are getting curious, here is the link to Ryanair webpage where you can see details of the flights we have commented as well as prices for each date.

Link to Ryanair webpage.

On our webpage, you can consult all possible connections to get to Vitoria-Gasteiz, and from there to the airport. If you have any query, contact us via our social networks or the telephone numbers and email address of customer service.

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Don’t miss the opportunity and have a good trip!