La Unión Passes

This travel mode is suitable for those passengers who want the comfort of a 40-trip document, at a price that is more economical per trip than a one-off ticket.

Valid lines for La Unión Passes
Route N. of trips Rate
Bilbao - Pamplona/Iruña 10 131,50€
Bilbao - Pamplona/Iruña 20 233,00€
Bilbao - Alsasua/Altsasu 10 88,40€
Bilbao - Alsasua/Altsasu 20 156,80€

Regulations governing their use::

  1. They are only valid for working days, from Monday to Friday.
  2. They are only valid for travelling between the stops and/or towns indicated thereon.
  3. Each pass, at the time it is purchased, has the number of trips indicated thereon and this trip balance is consumed as it is used.
  4. They are transferable; they are not personalised documents.
  5. They can be used by several people to travel together on the same document, validating them once for each person travelling in the group.
  6. The pass is valid until 31 December of the year following the one in which it is purchased.
  7. If departure is from the bus station, passengers will have to go to the ticket office to validate the number of trips to be used and receive the corresponding tickets prior to boarding the coach.
  8. In the event of using it on route, this pass does not award the user any kind of priority over other passengers to board the coach.
  9. Tickets charged to these passes can be taken out in advance upon request at our ticket offices.
  10. In the event of loss or theft, Autobuses La Unión assumes no liability for any outstanding trips on the pass.
  11. Only those passes which have not been used on any trip may be returned, prior to their expiry date, for reimbursement of the moneys paid. If the pass has been used, even if only for one single trip, Autobuses La Unión will not reimburse the amount paid by the passenger, either in part or in full.

Application form:

You can download the Regulations and the Large Family application form

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