General Conditions


Carrier's liability is incumbent on the company which effectively provides the service. The carrier company will not be held liable for any breaches of compliance for which it not directly responsible, nor for those produced by chance, force majeure or due to compliance with legal or administrative requirements. It will likewise not be held liable for missed links between its services and those of other transport services, be they its own or those of other companies


Passengers are entitled to carry up to 30 kg of baggage free of charge. Excess baggage must be paid for at the corresponding rate; if baggage is checked in, the company will provide the corresponding receipt.

In the event of loss or damage to baggage carried, any claims must be lodged immediately upon arrival, presenting the ticket and the check-in receipt, if applicable.

Carrier liability will be limited to a maximum of €14.50/ kilo. (Art. 3 Royal Decree 1136/1997). The carrier will not be held liable for damage, loss or failures suffered by hand luggage or other objects not placed under its safekeeping.

Baggage must be carried in the coach baggage hold; although passenger may carry small items or hand luggage with them, provided that it does not inconvenience or endanger other passengers and it must be duly placed in the luggage racks over the seats, never in the aisles or between passengers' legs.


Bicycles must be checked in to be able to travel on the coach.

Bicycles will be checked in at the ticket office..

Travellers' baggage will be placed in the baggage hold of the bus first, and then bicycles.

If there was not enough room for the bicycle in the hold of the coach, it would travel on the first coach in which there was space available.

Bicycles will have their wheels dismantled and their frame duly packaged.

Ticket cancellation

In the event of cancellation, the passenger will have his/her ticket reimbursed, minus 10% if the cancellation is requested at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled departure time of the service or minus 20% if requested between 48 hours and 2 hours prior to coach departure.

There will be no cancellation and hence no ticket reimbursement within 2 hours prior to the coach departure.

A passenger no-show at the departure time and place will imply the trip is forfeited and there will be no entitlement to a change of ticket or ticket reimbursement.

Ticket changes

It is only possible to change the date of travel if this is requested at least 2 hours prior to the commencement of the service, and it will be contingent on vacant seats being available on the new travel date requested.

Supplementary services

The Company reserves the option of providing the service through vehicles belonging to collaborator companies when circumstances so require and, in particular, to cope with traffic intensifications.


All passengers count as such and should take out a ticket to travel on the bus.

When adults travel with a child under 4 years of age, if they want the child to have his/her own seat, they must purchase a ticket at the corresponding fare. If they do not wish to purchase a ticket, they must present a document accrediting the child's age and request a free ticket; in this case the child will travel on the adult's lap.


Carriage of animals inside the vehicle is prohibited by law, except for guide dogs. For other passengers who wish to travel with pets (dogs or cats specific facilities are available; animals must travel in the baggage hold. In the case of animals travelling with the other baggage, they must be placed in a travel cage provided by the passenger. The company will not be held liable for any harm whatsoever caused to the animal during the journey.


Smoking in the vehicle is totally prohibited (Art. 6 of Royal Decree 1293/1999), as is eating or any action which might imply deterioration or soiling of the vehicle.

Passengers must not carry out any action which might distract the driver or impede his/her work when the vehicle is in motion without due cause.

Any behaviour that implies danger to the physical integrity of the other users or may be considered annoying or offensive to them or to carrier company staff or the service staff in the bus station is not allowed.

Passengers must not ignore the indications of staff from the concessionaire or authorised company concerning the correct provision of the service and the safety measures which must be observed, and likewise the indications of the posters placed in view of the passengers on vehicles and at bus stations.

Complaints Book

There is a complaints book available to passengers at the company's ticket offices.

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