Vehicle Hire

The La Unió Group specialises in coach hire in all its modes (day trips, tourist journeys, conferences, school or company transport, etc.) offering its clients a bespoke service.

You are invited to enjoy our wide range of coaches, all equipped with the latest technological innovations and fitted with the most advanced safety and comfort systems. Request a quote..

General Conditions

Quotes can be requested in either of the following ways: :

  • illing out the Quote request form
  • By telephone, calling.
    • Bilbao: 94 476. 50. 07
    • Pamplona/Iruña: 94 830. 35. 05

Quote presentation does not imply obligatory hiring, nor does it imply booking of a vehicle until it has been firmly accepted by the requesting party.

Once firm acceptance of the quote has been received (by e-mail, fax or telephone), the vehicle with then be booked for the day requested.

Any change in the service hired may affect the end price, therefore if any change is required, the requesting party must notify this to proceed with a review of the quote.

The La Unin Group complies with current legislation on carriage and the particulars of discretionary services.

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, we guarantee that the details provided by the client will be kept confidential and will not be passed on to third parties.

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