Advice and Recommendations

Recommendations to be borne in mind:

  • Your ticket is your travel insurance; keep it with you throughout the journey and show it to any employee who so requests.
  • Please check the details on your ticket when you receive it at the ticket office.
  • Remember that the seats for each service are limited. Go to the ticket office to buy your ticket half an hour prior to the service departure time; it is the minimum time recommended for correct ticket issue.
  • To fully ensure your seat, the company offers a system for purchasing tickets in advance at its ticket offices, seven days a week, which enables passengers to acquire their tickets up to one month in advance of their planned departure date.
  • Users are advised to pay attention to the poster located on the front window of the coach, which indicates the service route the vehicle covers.

Safety Advice

Your safety is our priority. We shall now go on to give you some important safety advice.

The driver:
Is a professional especially trained for this job. In the vehicle, he/she is your "safety expert". Follow his/her instructions.
Doors and access points:
Notice their location. Avoid getting on or off the bus hurriedly.
Emergency hammers:
The glass-breaking hammers are located near the windows signposted as "emergency exit". Use them only when it is impossible to get out through the doors.
Door safe-opening mechanism:
The opening device is located in a visible place, near the doors. It should be used when the vehicle is at a halt. On activating it, the doors are unblocked and they open immediately.
First Aid kit:
There is one on each coach. It is normally located at the front of the vehicle, identified by a pictogram.
Seat belt:
If your seat has one, use it.
Fire extinguisher:
It is located in the front of the vehicle, normally near the driver's seat.
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